Food Hunting

My name is Muhammad Azren Bin Noor Azam. I am 20 years old. I lived in Kedah city of Kulim. My hobby is to eat delicious food.I love food and love eating it, who doesn’t? When I am enjoying a meal I am thinking about the next one. I don’t know why but one of my favorite things to do is eating out. If i see food that doesn’t taste good to me, i won’t eat it but who does not like to eat right? I love to try any food in this world but only when it is Halal. Sometime the price is a little bit expensive but i will try the food. My restaurant that i love to attack is restaurant that serve Malaysian food. 'Nasi Campur' or direct translate it, it is call Mixed rice is the restaurant serve like buffet concept. A plate of white rice and many food to put in the plate.

For franchise restaurant, we will enter it just once. For example, you enter a McDonald and eat there and after that would you will enter the other McDonald that just beside at the one you eat. Hell no! because you already know how their food taste like. If you go a normal restaurant, it will taste different. For example, there are two Nasi Ayam restaurant, yes the taste will be different because there are not the same company.

MCDONALD                                                               NASI AYAM

In Malaysia, lets take one recipe which is laksa. The taste or ingredient to make it must be different. that is why i love to Food Hunting so I know laksa From Kedah taste like this, Laksa from Johor taste like that and different from Kedah.

LAKSA KEDAH                                                        LAKSA BOGOR                             LAKSA JOHOR

Nasi Kandar

Kuah Campur simply means a mixture of curry gravy. You’ll never go wrong with kuah campur, it certainly bring you to another level of taste and enjoyment, very delicious and flavorful! If you go different restaurant, the kuah campur will taste difeferent because there are a lot of way to mix the curry gravy.