My name is Akmal bin Azhar. I am 20 years old. I born in Kedah city of Sungai Petani on 8 august 1999. My hobby seen at child is travelling around this world. I really love to travelling because I learn how to be independent at that way.One of the traveling benefits is finding and keeping humility. Too often, people get wrapped up in their lives, their daily routine of working, sleeping, eating and living. They become self-absorbed to the point it affects their health, their, happines, and their perspective. There is nothing quite like traveling, like seeing a new place for the first time or returning to a favorite place. People of all ages, from all countries, travel to foreign places for many different reasons – namely work, family and leisure. Whether by plane, train, ship or automobile, travel is generally a pleasurable experience, at least for the people who can financially afford comfortable and safe methods of travel. But it has more benefits than satisfying one’s need to make money, as well as to see loved ones and enjoy one’s self on vacation. There are other benefits of traveling that many people often overlook.Travel reminds those paying attention that they are not the only ship in the sea, that this is a huge world and that they are only a small, insignificant pea in it. This is quite a humbling experience – to go to another country and see large numbers of peoples living differently, and coming to understand how large the crazy world actually is. When people who learn return home, they keep with them this perspective for the rest of their life and they benefit from this is knowledge and perspective. Another benefit to traveling is coming to see one’s native country in a different light, in a different way. This is done through being able to compare and contrast home from a foreign location, done most always through traveling. A new perspective may be formed. My favourite hobby is travelling. I like all kinds of travel: by car, by train, by plane, and travelling on motorcycles. But I have never travel by the ship yet. I love to travel without a group and without a guide, despite the fact that I often find ourselves in a difficult situation in unfamiliar places. Usually, I travel with my family or with my friends. Most of all I like to travel by car and spend a little time at different places. Although long journeys are tiring me sometimes, but that doesn't stop me. First of all, it’s always nice to stay in a different place for a change. Secondly, I’m interested in seeing new sights, exploring different cultures and else. Third, I love to spend time in beautiful places and admire the beauty of the natural attractions such as mountains, waterfalls, forest lakes, seas and oceans, forests, valleys, hills, etc. I have been in the mountains with my friends many times. Also I visited some Asian countries. I was in Singapore,Japan,Korea and in other cities. Travelling gives me a good opportunity to learn a lot about the history of the country I visit, to see cultural and historical places, to meet people of different nationalities, to learn a lot about their traditions, customs and culture. In other words. i can expand my worldview and my mind. In the future I'm going to visit many countries of the world, in various remote and wild places with beautiful scenery such as Colombia and Cambodia